Soë Blue is a singer-songwriter from Zurich, Switzerland. Music has very early on been at the centre of Soë Blue’s life. The Montreux Jazz Festival has, amongst others, influenced her: in 1996, she attended a concert by Simply Red at the Stravinsky Auditorium still being in her mother’s womb. In the meantime, the festival has become a yearly inspiration. Her father inspired her love for music, her accurate listening ability and her eclectic music taste.


Since the age of 11, Soë Blue has taken singing lessons, learned to play the piano and has constantly progressed in the field of music. In 2016, she decided to perfect her knowledge taking a singing master class at the Voice+Music Academy Zurich (VMAZ) and at the same time she started writing her first songs. Since then, she has been busy traveling, working on various music projects and becoming a teacher at the VMAZ. You can look forward to and be ready for her future projects.

On 31 January 2020, Soë Blue releases her first song «I’m Ready». For her, to be ready means not, to know everything and not, to do everything right all the time, but to be ready to invest yourself fully and to risk everything, to show strength and courage as well as stamina. Sometimes you even have to take detours and be innovative. With her song she wants to encourage everybody to not give in to opinions, defeats or sorrow. Soë Blue encourages everybody: «Give your best, give all of you and begin your journey to do what you love.»

Her second single "what if", a very emotional and personal ballade, was released on 13 March 2020. Her EP with more soul, funk and rnb songs followed on 3 April 2020.

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