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Your wedding is a moment for eternity. It deserves to be unforgettable. Do you also think that music plays an incredibly important role? After all, it creates an atmosphere full of emotion, moves to tears and connects. I would be happy to accompany your big day as a professional wedding singer and provide goosebump moments.

The guests slowly take their seats. Gradually, the conversations fall silent. A brief clearing of the throat, then silence. Hearts beat up to the neck. A few deep breaths can be heard. The air literally crackles with tension. In the middle of the silence, you hear a voice: touching, gentle, and powerful at the same time. And then the long-awaited moment is here when two lovers face each other to enter into the bond of marriage. 
Soë Blue will make your wedding a magical moment as a professional singer. Through her many years of experience in the music business, she has perfected her art and knows how to hit the heart with emotional ballads during the ceremony. With an eclectic selection of current songs, hits and evergreens, she discreetly accompanies the aperitif in the background. After the dinner, she and her band will also bring movement to the party that follows.
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My offer as a wedding singer


Depending on your wishes, I sing during the ceremony, the aperitif, the meal or the party.

Therefore I offer:

  • Singing, acapella or with playblack

  • Vocals accompanied by me on the piano

  • Vocals accompanied by other musicians/band

  • Trio "she blooms" (with 3-part harmonizes)


If there is no technical equipment available at the event location, I will organize the necessary. 

My musical range in different music styles offers a varied and customizable wedding repertoire. I am happy to receive bookings as a singer for weddings in the church, outdoors, in event locations or even in very unusual places.

How much does it cost to book Soë Blue as a wedding singer?

Your occasion is unique and I always adapt my offer to the exact wishes of the wedding couple. The cost is made up of various factors (duration, location, technology, repertoire, number of musicians, etc.). Feel free to contact me and I will send you an offer after we have discussed everything in detail.

As a wedding singer on the road throughout Switzerland

Soë Blue is your reliable and uncomplicated partner as a professional wedding singer and is active throughout Switzerland. Whether your wedding takes place in Lucerne, Bern, Zurich, Basel, on a boat or off in the forest - Soë Blue will accompany your celebration with emotional sounds and her distinctive voice.

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